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Upscale Custom Kitchen Renovations

Custom kitchen renovations

For more than three decades, Architectural Woodworking and Design has combined the highest quality materials, master craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to detail to produce upscale kitchen renovations that combine quality, beauty and extreme functionality. Every kitchen renovation is designed and custom crafted to meet customer specifications, with precise dimensions, select hardwood, and solid construction.

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Call 630 971-2222 for high quality custom cabinets

What to expect when you contact us for your kitchen renovation:

At Architectural Woodworking and Design, we specialize in adding value to homes. Our cabinets don’t come out of a box. Each one is a custom-made work of art, designed for your home and yours alone. We want to see that project turn out as if we were doing it in our own home. We want it done with quality, we want it done in a relatively fast time frame, and we want to fix anything that comes up during the project that wasn’t foreseen.

Deal with one company for the complete kitchen renovation project.

If you want one company to handle everything from design through to installation, then call us. We’re experts in “function design,” the art of strategic placement of things like stoves, ovens, and work areas to make your space more productive. When you work with us we will oversee it all, the entire project, and take responsibility over all that work that gets done. We do it all, the design, building and installation, the plumbing and electrical as needed, any walls that need to be removed. any walls that need to be built, and any soffits that need to be built. The result is a kitchen that not only reflects your design dreams, but your investment savvy as well.

What sets us apart from other kitchen remodelers?

In a word – Quality. What separates us from our completion is that we build our own cabinets, you are going to receive a true custom cabinet. It’s not going to be two cabinets put together, it’s not going to be one cabinet with a big filler, it’s not going to be modules all assembled. It’s going to be one cabinet, it’s going to be the biggest cabinet that will fit into that space, to maximize that space. This gives our customers the maximum amount of cabinet space with the least amount of cabinet. We make custom depths of cabinets and custom heights of cabinets. Everyone needs are a little different and everyone’s house is a little different. When you go the custom route you get the best cabinetry. But it’s not going to be the cheapest. It costs more to have custom cabinets built because of the quality of the cabinets, the ease of use of the cabinets, and the workspace is a better designed workspace.

We can build the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.
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Call 630 971-2222 for high quality custom cabinets