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custom home library in white

Architectural Woodworking and Design will work with you to help you realize your vision for a custom home library.

We work together with our clients to help clarify what is most important to them. We can use our years of experience to assess the best ways to realize the potential of their space. We create rooms that are soothing, visually pleasing and that maximize functionality and the flow of people. We will work with you from design through to installation. We will give you an equal amount of care and attention to detail that we would bring to the project if we were building the custom library in our own home. The result is a truly satisfying space, worthy of your investment.

Three custom home libraries

The image to the far right above is a beautiful custom home library we did many years ago. This library was built to perfectly match the sloped ceiling. Our customer loved it. It became a focal point of the home and an addition they loved to show off to family and friends. This custom library contains cabinets below, shelves throughout, and a space with glass door for displaying a collection of smaller items. Rolling ladders to provide easy access to the upper shelves.

The homeowners loved it so much that 15 years later they decided to have the opposite side of the room done the same way. The center photo above shows this new addition.

Contact us today to design, build and install your custom home library!  630 971-2222

Call 630 971-2222 for high quality custom cabinets

Benefits of a custom home library

Good books are like best friends, why not give your books a beautiful place to rest that also helps you stay organized? Installing a home library creates valuable storage space and gives your house some vitality.

Having a custom built home library can increase the value of your home, but that’s not the only benefit of a home library. A recent university study revealed that growing up in a home with library that contained numerous books would propel a child several years further in education than would growing up in a similar home with few or no books. A home library gives your children an educational advantage. Even the arrival of ebooks has not harmed the publishing companies, but has actually spurred their growth. People still love their books, and electronic gadgets can’t compare with the pleasure of curling up with a good book.

Other advantages of a custom home library.

No due dates. Spend those library late fees adding permanent books to your home library.
You can read your home library books at any time of day or night.
Your children will be able to use and interact with the activity books in their home library.