Custom Cash Wraps

Custom cash wrap

We design, build and install custom cash wraps.

Cash Wraps, Retail Checkout and Display Fixtures

Choosing the right retail store counter can directly impact store sales. The term cash wrap comes from the counter area within a store where goods were exchanged for cash, and then those goods were wrapped for the customer to take home. Cash wraps are the most heavily used piece of furniture in a retail store. Picking the perfect cash wrap for your small business is essential for encouraging your clients to make a purchase, creating an efficient work area for your employees, and making a positive final impression on your customer.

Some manufacturers will make variations of a couple standard models with little room for customization. We do things different. At Architectural Woodworking and Design we can help you design, then build and install completely custom cash wraps to fit your store and brand.

Architectural Woodworking and Design will use it’s many years of experience to give you lots of expert advice regarding the best features and materials for your cash wrap.

Here’s some sample photos of cash wraps, retail checkout and display fixtures we’ve done for past clients:

custom retail cash wraps

View larger images of custom cash wraps here.

Why buy your cash wrap or retail counter from us?

We believe every part of the process is “hands-on.” (And there’s no time that’s more apparent than during the installation phase.)

Each piece of wood is hand selected. Each veneer carefully hand-matched. Each corner hand-mitered, and each coat of stain hand-rubbed. With painstaking attention to detail, we bring your design to life. Some might consider our meticulous approach the old-fashioned way. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the only way. Call or contact us today so we can get started on your new custom cash wrap, retail counter and display fixtures.

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