The rarest of all wood American Chestnut


Click the picture to see our post on a curio cabinet made from our american chestnut

 American chestnut board cropWhat does a sauna,  yacht woodwork, airplane, indoor/outdoor furniture, and a pool surround, all have in common?
They all need a particular wood to meet their different needs: a few being, strong but light weight, moisture and rot resistant, and beautiful appearance.
We have been fortunate to have acquired some of this magical wood, it’s called american chestnut, and due to a blight, it’s extremely rare to find any at all in usable shape, we had the opportunity to purchase the last stand of superior furniture grade american chestnut wood, so we purchased all the superior grade available.
We want it to go to a good home, so if your yacht, airplane, helicopter, limo, sauna / pool / hot tub, kitchen, bath, or library, needs the beauty of some incredible wood work. We  Give us a call.
We’re picturing some one of a kind airplane interiors, boat cabinets, cabinets and interiors for a yacht, and beautiful surroundings for any space you want to love to be in.
Our supply is enough for a few big projects, so if you want to outfit your private jet or yacht, get in touch soon. We’ll work with you to create something you’ll want to show to everyone you meet.
Our work is of the highest quality and highest standards, add some amazing american chestnut to the mix, and you’ll love the result.

Custom mounting of a wine grape vine to a wine barrel


Here’s a unique piece.IMG_6934
We recently had a customer bring in a grape vine from a vineyard in Napa CA.
He wanted it mounted on a barrel to be a great accessory to his wine cellar.
We created a custom plate to sit inside the barrel and secure solidly, and then a plate to mount the vine to that attaches to the first plate.
Turned out so great we just had to share it.
If you’d like a piece like this to compliment your wine collection, give us a call.