Library with Sliding Doors

We have recently installed this beautiful painted library in a Glen Ellyn Home.  There are Shelves above and on the Sides and Storage below.  There are Two sliding doors that hide the Television.   It was installed to look like it was part of the wall. It matches the trim and the Coffered Ceiling.

Entertainment Center 15

With Sliding Doors Closed


With Sliding Doors Open


Custom library

IMG_7043_1This is a beautiful custom library we did for one of our favorite customers, perfectly matching the sloped ceiling.

Cabinets below, shelves throughout, and a space with glass door for displaying a collection of smaller items.

The first side was done about 15 years ago when the customer retired from her library position. We just got done doing the opposite side this year when he retired from his editorial position.

And of course rolling ladders to provide easy access to the upper shelves.

If you’d like to see a few of the other libraries we’ve done take a look here.

Last Stand of American Chestnut

IMG_7966We have the rare opportunity to offer virgin cut American Chestnut.

At one time American Chestnut trees represented 25% of the Eastern Hardwood forest.

By the early 1950’s the American Chestnut tree was virtually eliminated by what is known as the chestnut blight. The blight destroyed 3.5 billion chestnut trees in just 40 years.

The majority of American Chestnut bought today is reclaimed. In many cases, it is cut from beams or comes from barns. It is typically wormy due to the tree not being able to fight off the chestnut timber borer beetle.


I have the last stand of American Chestnut trees available in the United States for sale or available to create a project for you in our workshop located in Downers Grove, IL.

Please contact us today for information about the American Chestnut wood we have available to purchase or use in your next project.