Butler National Golf Course

Finished Photo

Here is a Custom Plaque that we recently finished for Butler National Golf Club.

butler 3

butler 4

butler 5


These are some of the photos of the custom cabinets we made for the Country Club.  We took after we finished the Pro Shop A few years back.

Hinsdale Golf Club Sign

This isn’t a normal job, but we were happy to create this beautiful sign for Hinsdale Golf Club.  Their old sign was retired after 100 years, We hope this sign lasts another 100!


Painted and Finished Sign


Unpainted Sign

Finishing touches at Ravinia Green Country Club

Finishing touches at Ravinia Green Country Club.

Top of the dividing wall in place.

Custom stainless steel bar foot rail installed.

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Ravinia Green Country Club Anytime Lounge

The Anytime Lounge at Ravinia Green Country Club came out beautifully.
The Wine Cellar / Storage cabinet has a wood surround wrapping all the way up on the ceiling in front of it.
The ceiling is trimmed out with stained wood trim around every alcove and soffit.
The three booths with banquettes have really nice wood to cap off the walls and really frame in the space, as well as wood ceiling panels to really dress up each area.
The Media wall has beautiful wood frames to really finish off the recesses the TVs are in.
And then there’s the Custom Barn Door. This is a big barn door, custom built extra wide and strong, with acrylic panels that show a gold design on the lounge side and a linen design on the other side.

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Pictures from the nearly completed Ravinia Green Country Club

We did some test shots of the nearly completed Ravinia Green country Club.

Here are a few of our favorites. Featuring the Anytime lounge, which has a great bar, lots of seating including three booths with banquette seating, next to a great wine cellar cabinet.

More to come!


Ravinia Green Country Club – nearing completion

We took some more pictures at end of day yesterday. Ravinia Green Country Club is nearly done, just a few final touches to be installed.
We’re really proud of how good things are looking.


Ravinia Green Country Club

We have been really hard at work on this project. Ravinia Green Country Club is doing a big renovation to give their interior a great updated look.
There’s too much to show in one post. So will start off with the Bar and a couple feature walls.


Rolling Green Country Club PT4 The final look.

We finally had time to go back a take a final picture of Rolling Green Country Club.
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Rolling Green Country Club PT3 Completed

We are very proud to show these pictures of the completed feature wall at Rolling Green Country Club, we installed the glass shelves in the trophy cabinets yesterday, and it all just came together beautifully.

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Rolling Green Country Club PT2 Installation

Nearly done with the installation of this beautiful 46′ radius feature wall with lighted trophy cabinets.

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