Indoor Children’s Playground


Tree fort complete with tree and great spaces to explore and activities to play with.


Two level play house with bridge and slide


Tree fort on the left and two story play house on the right

We created this custom child playground.
We’d never seen an indoor play area like this before, so we made sure to take the time and do it right. Every edge was rounded, every surface and edge was sanded smooth. All the paint was sprayed on for a finish that is beautiful to look at and nice to touch.
Bright colors light up the space, while many amazing details and small touches really give the kids a lot to explore. From the stairs over the bridge, the slide, the play house, and the amazing tree fort with slides and climbing nets.



Custom mounting of a wine grape vine to a wine barrel


Here’s a unique piece.IMG_6934
We recently had a customer bring in a grape vine from a vineyard in Napa CA.
He wanted it mounted on a barrel to be a great accessory to his wine cellar.
We created a custom plate to sit inside the barrel and secure solidly, and then a plate to mount the vine to that attaches to the first plate.
Turned out so great we just had to share it.
If you’d like a piece like this to compliment your wine collection, give us a call.


Painted Custom Entertainment center

Here’s a job we’ve been working on.
We custom built this entertainment center to wrap around the existing fireplace, and fit side cabinets perfectly in the space on each side, including angling back the right side cabinet for the doorway.
The finish is a sprayed water based paint that dries to a very durable and smooth finish.
The backs of the bookshelves and the counter tops are a stained finish with a catalyzed clear coat, giving great contrast for the white paint around it.
Complete with a shallow cabinet to house the flat HD TV, subtly angled TV mount, wiring run from the left cabinet to the TV and right cabinet for speakers and AV equipment, LED up-lighting above the side bookshelves, and crown molding to finish it off perfectly.

American Chestnut Display Cabinet

AmericanChestnutCabinet03 AmericanChestnutCabinet02 AmericanChestnutCabinet01

We’re so excited about this unique wood.(to learn more check out our previous post)
We just had to build something!
So we designed and built this beautiful display cabinet.

It’s solid American Chestnut, with a seeded antique glass door, and tempered glass shelves.
The color of stain is even called Chestnut.
We just love this stuff, and we may be biased, but we think it’s a stunning cabinet.

If you love it as much as we do, it is available on our Etsy.
Or if you love the wood, but not this particular cabinet, we won’t be offended, contact us and let us know what kind of custom cabinet you’d like made of this great material.

The wood itself has some great properties, like natural oils that make it water resistant, and it’s light weight for it’s strength. Personally I’m picturing some stunning boat and plane interiors made from this.

If you have ideas of what we should make, let us know on twitter.(@handmadecabinet)



Last Stand of American Chestnut

IMG_7966We have the rare opportunity to offer virgin cut American Chestnut.

At one time American Chestnut trees represented 25% of the Eastern Hardwood forest.

By the early 1950’s the American Chestnut tree was virtually eliminated by what is known as the chestnut blight. The blight destroyed 3.5 billion chestnut trees in just 40 years.

The majority of American Chestnut bought today is reclaimed. In many cases, it is cut from beams or comes from barns. It is typically wormy due to the tree not being able to fight off the chestnut timber borer beetle.


I have the last stand of American Chestnut trees available in the United States for sale or available to create a project for you in our workshop located in Downers Grove, IL.

Please contact us today for information about the American Chestnut wood we have available to purchase or use in your next project.